Join Punk DAO Community

Punk DAO Community is always open to anybody holding a Punk. Please go to our discord and indicate in #public-general you would like to join, together with details of which Punk you hold. We are moving to a NFT base membership model, but until then, just let us know you’re interested.
Punk DAO Community does not and will never require KYC.

Join Punk DAO Ventures

Punk DAO Ventures is open for applications but is restricted to an extent, due to its legal setup. If you would like to make an application to join, please visit our discord and indicate in #public-general you would like to join
If you were already signed up in the first round, you can complete KYC and make your contribution at membership DAPP. If you have any questions on the process, please reach out to @Simon on discord. Further instructions are currently available in the #ventures-general channel but you will need to indicate you want to make an application in the #punk-ventures-contribution channel first to be given access.

What if I don't hold a punk or can't afford one?

Currently the DAO is only for Punk holders but we are looking at how we can include non-punk holders too. At some point there will be a membership tier for people who want to get involved but cannot obtain a Punk.