Punk DAO Mission

Collectively, Punk DAO:
  • Represents Punk holders as an amplified voice
  • Raises awareness of and promotes the Punk brand
  • Helps support and raise awareness for Punk related projects

Punk Community

Punk Community is a DAO open to all punkholders. It:
  • Provides a platform where Punk holders can come together and collectively generate Punk culture
  • Represents the Punk community
  • Acts as a community steward of the Punk brand
  • Acts as a community run first point of contact for people interested in Punks
  • Acts as a signpost and beacon, guiding people to artefacts of Punk culture
  • Spreads Punk vibes globally

Punk Ventures

Punk Ventures is a VC investment DAO with membership on application. It:
  • Invests in Punks, Punk related projects and the wider ecosystem
  • Supports and advises portfolio investments
  • Invests in promoting the Punk brand
  • Represents the largest ‘Punk only’ investment group